Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Voyager 4x18 "The Killing Game, Part 1"


The Hirogen go out with a bang after a strong fourth season effort in this two-parter that features yet another hostile takeover of the ship, this time with the crew being stuck into elaborate holodeck scenarios that allow the hunters to continuously track their prey, in ways that may prove a new future for the species.

It's essential viewing for the season and the series, a culmination of appearances for the Hirogen throughout the midpoint of the fourth season. Even though "Message in a Bottle," "Hunters," "Prey," and "The Killing Game" can be viewed separately, together they create a cohesive portrait for a Delta Quadrant species where very few others exist. Of course, by nature our crew can't hang around any of them for long, but the Hirogen benefit from more work than even the Talaxians, who are represented by Neelix for seven seasons, were able to muster, with a fairly complete understanding of who they are and where they're headed. Like the Kazon before them, they may not seem so different from Klingon warriors who live on hostile intent, but they've got ambition and nuance that suggests a culture that's living in the moment rather than in tradition.

It just so happens that some Hirogen are trying to come up with new methods other than actual murder to get what they want.

The particular method of holographic hunting the Hirogen eventually decide upon, Nazis, happens to be a franchise staple.

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Notable guest-stars:
J. Paul Boehmer

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