Star Trek Classics

Using a set of four criteria, I'm determining a new definitive listing of Star Trek's best episodes.  These criteria are:

  • Franchise - Is it a good representation for Star Trek as a whole?
  • Series - Is it a good representation for the series as a whole?
  • Essential - Is there something about the episode that makes it essential viewing?
  • Character - Does the episode focus on a particular character profitably?
The central premise of the Star Trek Fan Companion assumes that the franchise has featured quality programming in each of its incarnations ( Star Trek, The Animated SeriesThe Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise).  Episodes can be entertaining for any of the above reasons, or can feature any combination therein.  A classic, therefore, is an episode that combines all four criteria.  In my continuing analysis of the franchise, I will attempt to identify the new Star Trek classics. 

This is the list so far:

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