Star Trek Classics

Using a set of four criteria, I'm determining a new definitive listing of Star Trek's best episodes.  These criteria are:

  • Franchise - Is it a good representation for Star Trek as a whole?
  • Series - Is it a good representation for the series as a whole?
  • Essential - Is there something about the episode that makes it essential viewing?
  • Character - Does the episode focus on a particular character profitably?
The central premise of the Star Trek Fan Companion assumes that the franchise has featured quality programming in each of its incarnations ( Star Trek, The Animated SeriesThe Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery).  Episodes can be entertaining for any of the above reasons, or can feature any combination therein.  A classic, therefore, is an episode that combines all four criteria.

This is the list:
  1. "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (Star Trek 1x3)
  2. "The Naked Time" (Star Trek 1x4)
  3. "The Menagerie" (Star Trek 1x11/1x12)
  4. "Balance of Terror" (Star Trek 1x14)
  5. "Shore Leave" (Star Trek 1x15)
  6. "The Galileo Seven" (Star Trek 1x16)
  7. "Space Seed" (Star Trek 1x22)
  8. "The Devil in the Dark" (Star Trek 1x25)
  9. "Errand of Mercy" (Star Trek 1x26)
  10. "The City on the Edge of Forever" (Star Trek 1x28)
  11. "Amok Time" (Star Trek 2x1)
  12. "Mirror, Mirror" (Star Trek 2x4)
  13. "The Doomsday Machine" (Star Trek 2x6)
  14. "Journey to Babel" (Star Trek 2x10)
  15. "The Deadly Years" (Star Trek 2x12)
  16. "The Trouble with Tribbles" (Star Trek 2x15)
  17. "A Piece of the Action" (Star Trek 2x17)
  18. "The Enterprise Incident" (Star Trek 3x2)
  19. "Is There In Truth No Beauty?" (Star Trek 3x5)
  20. "Day of the Dove" (Star Trek 3x7)
  21. "The Tholian Web" (Star Trek 3x9)
  22. "Plato's Stepchildren" (Star Trek 3x10)
  23. "Requiem for Methuselah" (Star Trek 3x19)
  24. "All Our Yesterdays" (Star Trek 3x23)

  1. "Yesteryear" (The Animated Series 1x2)
  2. "Albatross" (The Animated Series 2x4)
  3. "The Counter-Clock Incident" (The Animated Series 2x6)

  1. "Encounter at Farpoint" (The Next Generation 1x1/1x2)
  2. "Where No One Has Gone Before" (The Next Generation 1x6)
  3. "The Big Goodbye" (The Next Generation 1x12)
  4. "Skin of Evil" (The Next Generation 1x23)
  5. "Conspiracy" (The Next Generation 1x25)
  6. "A Matter of Honor" (The Next Generation 2x8)
  7. "The Measure of a Man" (The Next Generation 2x9)
  8. "The Royale" (The Next Generation 2x12)
  9. "Q Who?" (The Next Generation 2x16)
  10. "Manhunt" (The Next Generation 2x19)
  11. "The Emissary" (The Next Generation 2x20)
  12. "The Defector" (The Next Generation 3x10)
  13. "Deja Q" (The Next Generation 3x13)
  14. "Yesterday's Enterprise" (The Next Generation 3x15)
  15. "Sins of the Father" (The Next Generation 3x17)
  16. "Captain's Holiday" (The Next Generation 3x19)
  17. "Hollow Pursuits" (The Next Generation 3x21)
  18. "Sarek" (The Next Generation 3x23)
  19. "The Best of Both Worlds" (The Next Generation 3x26)
  20. "The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2" (The Next Generation 4x1)
  21. "Family" (The Next Generation 4x2)
  22. "Remember Me" (The Next Generation 4x5)
  23. "Reunion" (The Next Generation 4x7)
  24. "The Wounded" (The Next Generation 4x12)
  25. "Devil's Due" (The Next Generation 4x13)
  26. "The Nth Degree" (The Next Generation 4x19)
  27. "QPid" (The Next Generation 4x20)
  28. "The Drumhead" (The Next Generation 4x21)
  29. "Half a Life" (The Next Generation 4x22)
  30. "The Host" (The Next Generation 4x23)
  31. "Redemption" (The Next Generation 4x26)
  32. "Redemption, Part 2" (The Next Generation 5x1)
  33. "Darmok" (The Next Generation 5x2)
  34. "Ensign Ro" (The Next Generation 5x3)
  35. "Silicon Avatar" (The Next Generation 5x4)
  36. "Unification, Part 1" (The Next Generation 5x7)
  37. "Unification, Part 2" (The Next Generation 5x8)
  38. "The Masterpiece Society" (The Next Generation 5x13)
  39. "Conundrum" (The Next Generation 5x14)
  40. "Ethics" (The Next Generation 5x16)
  41. "Cause and Effect" (The Next Generation 5x18)
  42. "The First Duty" (The Next Generation 5x19)
  43. "The Perfect Mate" (The Next Generation 5x21)
  44. "I, Borg" (The Next Generation 5x23)
  45. "The Inner Light" (The Next Generation 5x25)
  46. "Time's Arrow, Part 1" (The Next Generation 5x26)
  47. "Time's Arrow, Part 2" (The Next Generation 6x1)
  48. "Relics" (The Next Generation 6x4)
  49. "A Fistful of Datas" (The Next Generation 6x8)
  50. "Chain of Command, Part 1" (The Next Generation 6x10)
  51. "Chain of Command, Part 2" (The Next Generation 6x11)
  52. "Ship in a Bottle" (The Next Generation 6x12)
  53. "Face of the Enemy" (The Next Generation 6x14)
  54. "Tapestry" (The Next Generation 6x15)
  55. "Birthright, Part 2" (The Next Generation 6x17)
  56. "Suspicions" (The Next Generation 6x22)
  57. "Rightful Heir" (The Next Generation 6x23)
  58. "Descent, Part 1" (The Next Generation 6x26)
  59. "Gambit, Part 1" (The Next Generation 7x4)
  60. "Gambit, Part 2" (The Next Generation 7x5)
  61. "Parallels" (The Next Generation 7x11)
  62. "The Pegasus" (The Next Generation 7x12)
  63. "Lower Decks" (The Next Generation 7x15)
  64. "Journey's End" (The Next Generation 7x20)
  65. "Preemptive Strike" (The Next Generation 7x24)
  66. "All Good Things..." (The Next Generation 7x25/7x26)

  1. "Emissary" (Deep Space Nine 1x1/1x2)
  2. "Past Prologue" (Deep Space Nine 1x3)
  3. "A Man Alone" (Deep Space Nine 1x4)
  4. "Q-Less" (Deep Space Nine 1x7)
  5. "Progress" (Deep Space Nine 1x15)
  6. "The Forsaken" (Deep Space Nine 1x17)
  7. "Duet" (Deep Space Nine 1x19)
  8. "In the Hands of the Prophets" (Deep Space Nine 1x20)
  9. "The Homecoming" (Deep Space Nine 2x1)
  10. "Necessary Evil" (Deep Space Nine 2x8)
  11. "Whispers" (Deep Space Nine 2x14)
  12. "Blood Oath" (Deep Space Nine 2x19)
  13. "The Wire" (Deep Space Nine 2x22)
  14. "Crossover" (Deep Space Nine 2x23)
  15. "The Jem'Hadar" (Deep Space Nine 2x26)
  16. "The Search, Part 1" (Deep Space Nine 3x1)
  17. "The Search, Part 2" (Deep Space Nine 3x2)
  18. "The House of Quark" (Deep Space Nine 3x3)
  19. "Second Skin" (Deep Space Nine 3x5)
  20. "Civil Defense" (Deep Space Nine 3x7)
  21. "Defiant" (Deep Space Nine 3x9)
  22. "Past Tense, Part 1" (Deep Space Nine 3x11)
  23. "Past Tense, Part 2" (Deep Space Nine 3x12)
  24. "Through the Looking Glass" (Deep Space Nine 3x19)
  25. "Improbable Cause" (Deep Space Nine 3x20)
  26. "The Die is Cast" (Deep Space Nine 3x21)
  27. "Explorers" (Deep Space Nine 3x22)
  28. "The Adversary" (Deep Space Nine 3x26)
  29. "The Way of the Warrior" (Deep Space Nine 4x1/4x2)
  30. "The Visitor" (Deep Space Nine 4x3)
  31. "Rejoined" (Deep Space Nine 4x6)
  32. "Little Green Men" (Deep Space Nine 4x8)
  33. "Our Man Bashir" (Deep Space Nine 4x10)
  34. "Homefront" (Deep Space Nine 4x11)
  35. "Paradise Lost" (Deep Space Nine 4x12)
  36. "Hard Time" (Deep Space Nine 4x19)
  37. "Shattered Mirror" (Deep Space Nine 4x20)
  38. "The Ship" (Deep Space Nine 5x2)
  39. "Trials and Tribble-ations" (Deep Space Nine 5x6)
  40. "The Ascent" (Deep Space Nine 5x9)
  41. "Rapture" (Deep Space Nine 5x10)
  42. "The Darkness and the Light" (Deep Space Nine 5x11)
  43. "The Begotten" (Deep Space Nine 5x12)
  44. "For the Uniform" (Deep Space Nine 5x13)
  45. "In Purgatory's Shadow" (Deep Space Nine 5x14)
  46. "By Inferno's Light" (Deep Space Nine 5x15)
  47. "Doctor Bashir, I Presume?" (Deep Space Nine 5x16)
  48. "Business as Usual" (Deep Space Nine 5x18)
  49. "Children of Time" (Deep Space Nine 5x22)
  50. "In the Cards" (Deep Space Nine 5x25)
  51. "Call to Arms" (Deep Space Nine 5x26)
  52. "Rocks and Shoals" (Deep Space Nine 6x2)
  53. "Sacrifice of Angels" (Deep Space Nine 6x6)
  54. "You Are Cordially Invited" (Deep Space Nine 6x7)
  55. "Statistical Probabilities" (Deep Space Nine 6x9)
  56. "Waltz" (Deep Space Nine 6x11)
  57. "Far Beyond the Stars" (Deep Space Nine 6x13)
  58. "Inquisition" (Deep Space Nine 6x18)
  59. "In the Pale Moonlight" (Deep Space Nine 6x19)
  60. "His Way" (Deep Space Nine 6x20)
  61. "The Reckoning" (Deep Space Nine 6x21)
  62. "The Sound of Her Voice" (Deep Space Nine 6x25)
  63. "Tears of the Prophets" (Deep Space Nine 6x26)
  64. "Take Me Out to the Holosuite" (Deep Space Nine 7x4)
  65. "Treachery, Faith, and the Great River" (Deep Space Nine 7x6)
  66. "Once More Unto the Breach" (Deep Space Nine 7x7)
  67. "The Siege of AR-558" (Deep Space Nine 7x8)
  68. "It's Only a Paper Moon" (Deep Space Nine 7x10)
  69. "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang" (Deep Space Nine 7x15)
  70. "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" (Deep Space Nine 7x16)
  71. "Tacking Into the Wind" (Deep Space Nine 7x22)
  72. "What You Leave Behind" (Deep Space Nine 7x25/7x26)

  1. "Caretaker" (Voyager 1x1/1x2)
  2. "Parallax" (Voyager 1x3)
  3. "Prime Factors" (Voyager 1x10)
  4. "State of Flux" (Voyager 1x11)
  5. "Heroes and Demons" (Voyager 1x12)
  6. "Faces" (Voyager 1x14)
  7. "Jetrel" (Voyager 1x15)
  8. "Learning Curve" (Voyager 1x16)
  9. "The 37s" (Voyager 2x1)
  10. "Projections" (Voyager 2x3)
  11. "Non Sequitur" (Voyager 2x5)
  12. "Maneuvers" (Voyager 2x11)
  13. "Threshold" (Voyager 2x15)
  14. "Meld" (Voyager 2x16) 
  15. "Death Wish" (Voyager 2x18)
  16. "Tuvix" (Voyager 2x24)
  17. "Basics, Part 1" (Voyager 2x26)
  18. "Basics, Part 2" (Voyager 3x1)
  19. "Flashback" (Voyager 3x2)
  20. "The Swarm" (Voyager 3x4)
  21. "False Profits" (Voyager 3x5)
  22. "Future's End, Part 1" (Voyager 3x8)
  23. "Future's End, Part 2" (Voyager 3x9)
  24. "The Q and the Grey" (Voyager 3x11)
  25. "Blood Fever" (Voyager 3x16)
  26. "Unity" (Voyager 3x17)
  27. "Distant Origin" (Voyager 3x23)
  28. "Worst Case Scenario" (Voyager 3x25)
  29. "Scorpion, Part 1" (Voyager 3x26)
  30. "Scorpion, Part 2" (Voyager 4x1)
  31. "Year of Hell, Part 1" (Voyager 4x8)
  32. "Year of Hell, Part 2" (Voyager 4x9)
  33. "Message in a Bottle" (Voyager 4x14)
  34. "Living Witness" (Voyager 4x23)
  35. "Drone" (Voyager 5x2)
  36. "Extreme Risk" (Voyager 5x3)
  37. "In the Flesh" (Voyager 5x4)
  38. "Timeless" (Voyager 5x6)
  39. "Nothing Human" (Voyager 5x8)
  40. "Thirty Days" (Voyager 5x9)
  41. "Counterpoint" (Voyager 5x10)
  42. "Latent Image" (Voyager 5x11)
  43. "Bride of Chaotica!" (Voyager 5x12)
  44. "Dark Frontier, Part 1" (Voyager 5x15)
  45. "Dark Frontier, Part 2" (Voyager 5x16)
  46. "11:59" (Voyager 5x23)
  47. "Relativity" (Voyager 5x24)
  48. "Equinox, Part 1" (Voyager 5x26)
  49. "Equinox, Part 2" (Voyager 6x1)
  50. "Barge of the Dead" (Voyager 6x3)
  51. "Pathfinder" (Voyager 6x10)
  52. "Child's Play" (Voyager 6x19)
  53. "Good Shepherd" (Voyager 6x20)
  54. "Fury" (Voyager 6x23)
  55. "Repression" (Voyager 7x4)
  56. "Inside Man" (Voyager 7x6)
  57. "Flesh and Blood, Part 1" (Voyager 7x9)
  58. "Flesh and Blood, Part 2" (Voyager 7x10)
  59. "Shattered" (Voyager 7x11)
  60. "Lineage" (Voyager 7x12)
  61. "Human Error" (Voyager 7x18)
  62. "Author, Author" (Voyager 7x20)
  63. "Endgame" (Voyager 7x25/7x26)

  1. "Broken Bow" (Enterprise 1x1/1x2)
  2. "The Andorian Incident" (Enterprise 1x7)
  3. "Cold Front" (Enterprise 1x11)
  4. "Dear Doctor" (Enterprise 1x13)
  5. "Shadows of P'Jem" (Enterprise 1x15)
  6. "Shuttlepod One" (Enterprise 1x16)
  7. "Fusion" (Enterprise 1x17)
  8. "Acquisition" (Enterprise 1x19)
  9. "Detained" (Enterprise 1x21)
  10. "Desert Crossing" (Enterprise 1x24)
  11. "A Night in Sickbay" (Enterprise 2x4)
  12. "The Seventh" (Enterprise 2x7)
  13. "Stigma" (Enterprise 2x14)
  14. "Judgment" (Enterprise 2x19)
  15. "Cogenitor" (Enterprise 2x22)
  16. "First Flight" (Enterprise 2x24)
  17. "The Expanse" (Enterprise 2x26)
  18. "Twilight" (Enterprise 3x8)
  19. "Similitude" (Enterprise 3x10)
  20. "Stratagem" (Enterprise 3x14)
  21. "Azati Prime" (Enterprise 3x18)
  22. "The Council" (Enterprise 3x22)
  23. "Countdown" (Enterprise 3x23)
  24. "Zero Hour" (Enterprise 3x24)
  25. "Home" (Enterprise 4x3)
  26. "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part 1" (Enterprise 4x18)
  27. "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part 2" (Enterprise 4x19)
  28. "Demons" (Enterprise 4x20)
  29. "Terra Prime" (Enterprise 4x21)
  30. "These Are the Voyages..." (Enterprise 4x22)

  1. "The Vulcan Hello" (Discovery 1x1)
  2. "Battle at the Binary Stars" (Discovery 1x2)
  3. "Context is for Kings" (Discovery 1x3)
  4. "Lethe" (Discovery 1x6)
  5. "Into the Forest I Go" (Discovery 1x9)
  6. "The Wolf Inside" (Discovery 1x11)
  7. "Vaulting Ambition" (Discovery 1x12)
  8. "Will You Take My Hand?" (Discovery 1x15)

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