Friday, June 15, 2012

Voyager 2x23 "The Thaw"


I loved "The Thaw."  In my version of the future trajectory of the series, the Clown made many further appearances.  He would've been Voyager's Q (except Q had already begun his journey to becoming Voyager's Q), someone who messed with the crew whenever the opportunity presented itself, like the Demon of Fear in Charmed.

Other than that unfulfilled potential, "The Thaw" is a fairly generic episode, akin to any number of experiences Kirk had in the original series, being trapped by a being who thought it could do whatever it wanted with him.  Janeway eventually beats him (with one of the better endings to any episode), but it's fun seeing the crew walks into this one (wouldn't be the last time) by visiting an alien world and basically opening Pandora's Box.  This is another one where if the show had lasted only a few seasons, it would have been one of Voyager's standout episodes (because then the Clown could always have reappeared and there's no telling that it wouldn't have happened).

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Notable guest-stars:
Michael McKean

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