Monday, July 30, 2012

Deep Space Nine 1x10 "Move Along Home"


For some fans, this was one of those infamous, typical season one efforts.  At first blush, it's basically an embarrassment to the rest of the series.  I'd say give it another try.

Although the visitors from the other side of the wormhole are once again totally unrelated to the Dominion and toss most of the characters basically into a Holodeck Malfunction Episode, Quark is thrust into the spotlight, and does a fare job of discovering his own ambiguities.  Initially introduced as a toad (what anyone would've called the Ferengi before him), Quark starts to blossom quickly, without needing to lean on the love-hate relationship with Odo, with the help of "Move Along Home," where he alone is in a position to determine the fate of his more legitimate colleagues.  Sure, it's a silly situation, but it ends up making emotional sense thanks to Quark.

You don't absolutely need to watch this particular episode to see how Quark develops, but it's a good one to watch simply to enjoy the character.

And although it's distressing every time someone comes from the Gamma Quadrant during the first season and has no connection to the Dominion, the episode at least uses one of the basic elements of the series premise.

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Notable guest-stars:
James Lashley

Memory Alpha summary.

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