Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A note on the Star Trek Fan Companion

My continuing efforts to provide a comprehensive overview of the Star Trek franchise for initiates and existing fans are centralized here.  When this project began in 2010, it was much simpler to list what I'd done for the movies and TV series that make up Star Trek.

However, since I've gone back and begun providing more individual thoughts to each episode in the franchise, things have grown complicated.  The hub for all this information is expanding, and so is its look and functionality.

I've previously chosen to rate episodes by a set of criteria that assume the viewer's interests, whether they're coming to an episode from the vantage point of Star Trek itself or that particular series, and further refined by whether it has relevance to a particular character, and if it's it's essential to any of these elements, or if there's a combination of some or all of them.

The ones that hit all four marks are my definition of the new Star Trek classics.

On the main page for the Star Trek Fan Companion, each episode has a corresponding star ranking, and a simplified explanation for what it means (whether must-see, which is classic status; or noteworthy, enjoyable, watchable, and skippable, in descending order of relevance).

(There's also links to some recent Star Trek fiction I've done, including the historical survey "Star Trek '12.")


  1. Tony this is an ambitious project. I like the ratings you've chosen too. Very smart since I haven't seen every episode yet. Are you going to do a top ten list?

    1. I'm doing exactly that. Right now I'm finishing up my rankings for every episode, strictly in the planning stage. And then I'll have stats for a lot of things. This project has already redefined my views on some episodes that I used to consider my favorites, and redirected me to others that I'd kind of overlooked previously.


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