Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Next Generation 1x14 "Angel One"

While this one breaks some ground for the young series, including a redefinition of the Prime Directive and the first mention of Romulans, "Angel One" you can safely skip.

It's not horrible like the previous episodes from the season that you should skip ("Justice," "Code of Honor,"), but it features another hamfisted society, this time a matriarchal one that has basically turn its male half into metrosexuals, which proves incredibly awkward for the very much male Riker.  As if that weren't enough, the crew passes a cold around, which seems mostly an excuse to see Crusher in action, plus get a few characters to do different things, for instance La Forge briefly assuming command.  Because it's not as if he has anything better to do just at the moment, not being chief engineer yet.

Yet it's all thoroughly unremarkable, another sign in a long line of them to indicate that Next Generation had not yet achieved its distinctive flavor.  In fact, if anything "Angel One" plays like a bad version of an original series episode, not any in particular, just a painfully generic one.

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