Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Coming up in the Companion...

While we take a brief hiatus, here's a few things worth looking forward to:

Our look at Star Trek: The Next Generation's third season concludes with thirteen final episodes, including a whopping five additional new classics.  Tune in to see what they are!  Following this, we'll tackle the three seasons of the original series, plus the animated series, and then in the remaining order every season not already covered from throughout the franchise, which means five more seasons of TNG, six of Deep Space Nine, four from Voyager, and two from Enterprise.  If you want to see what we've already done, have a look at the links above (which includes some special features on Q and Miles O'Brien in case you hadn't noticed).

With the impending release of Star Trek Into Darkness and the buzz around J.J. Abrams taking on directing duties with rival franchise Star Wars, now's as good a time as any to refresh or familiarize yourself with one of the legends of onscreen science fiction!

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