Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Star Trek 2x7 "Catspaw"

rating: [no stars]
Memory Alpha summary

So, a Halloween episode (originally broadcast 10/27/1967).  Featuring the customary black cat.  Is there really anything else to say?  It's the rare episode I think you can just skip, and that's really all you need to know.
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A lot of the time when talking about an episode, I will reference other episodes that are similar.  The fact that there really isn't anything comparable (except "Qpid" from Next Generation that blatantly hopped on the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves bandwagon) isn't really the reason I think you can ignore it exists.  It has no real legacy for one.  That in itself is not a reason, either, although in terms of the original series, and an otherwise thoroughly remarkable second season (it should be noted that "Catspaw" was the first episode in production for the season, so technically this is Chekov's debut, which also explains why his wig is far more egregious than usual), this is a bad realization.

I mean, you could enjoy the episode all the same.  Perception is always in the eye of the beholder.  Especially for an episode like this (and this goes for the entirety of the Animated Series, too), the fact that this could easily be a personal discovery and therefore experience, could make it more valuable.

It's just, it has no impact.  And for a franchise, let alone a series, that's got to say something about its worth.  Sometimes the story itself is the impact.  But again, this one is thoroughly unremarkable, an unprofitable aberration, like something from a different series entirely.

Move along!

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