Thursday, September 4, 2014

Star Trek 3x11 "Wink of an Eye"

rating: *
Memory Alpha summary

There are some episodes that are neither good nor bad, are just adventures you take in if you generally like what you've been watching.  I have four distinctions every episode is measured by.  I begin with the premise if it's worth watching at all, it gets at least one of them, whether for a viewer who happens to be a fan of the series, the franchise in general, or if there's a reason to watch for a specific character, and the fourth one as to whether it's essential for any one of the three.  (I always rank character last because for me it's the mark of the best stories regardless of any other factor.)

I begin with all that because there's...really nothing else worth talking about with "Wink of an Eye."  There are countless examples of other episodes throughout the franchise where the ship is hijacked by aliens.  This one happens to feature a particular gimmick in order to achieve it (as in fact they all do), which is that the aliens move faster than our crew (hence the title).

It's the kind of episode that's a reminder that Star Trek at its heart is a science fiction vehicle.  So often the gimmick isn't necessarily geared toward the genre so much as traditional elements either from it or the Star Trek template as it slowly emerged.  So that's all you really need to know.
via Trek Core.  Well, that and a skimpy outfit!
four quarter analysis
franchise * series * essential * character

notable guest-stars:
Majel Roddenberry

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