Monday, November 2, 2015

Countdown to 2017

In addition to the forthcoming film Star Trek Beyond, it was just announced that fans will have the first TV series since the end of Enterprise in 2005 arriving January 2017.  Yeah, I couldn't be happier.  The premiere will broadcast on CBS (for the first time ever; NBC, syndication, and UPN/The CW were the franchise's other small screen homes) before airing subsequent episodes digitally.

Obviously, nothing has been announced yet as to setting or casting, but the reports so far have suggested an all-new set of characters. 

A decade has passed since Star Trek has had new adventures in its original format.  Since then, a lot of thing have changed, not merely with the most successful films in franchise history, but a much more broad genre audience than has existed in decades (ever?).  In addition, the parameters for success have shifted considerably (remember the anecdote of ratings that looked better in hindsight for the original series?), and the digital format alone promises less concern about such things.

It's entirely likely that the new series will take into account the grumblings that plagued the fan community in the final years and last few series of the previous era.  Then again, it's ironic that procedural drama picked up considerable momentum in the last decade.  Imagine a crime-oriented Star Trek!

For now, though, we have a little over a year of anticipation, and updates, to enjoy...

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