Monday, August 29, 2016

Star Trek: Discovery - Number One!

Bryan Fuller has been making more announcements about the upcoming CBS All Access series, revealing the name of the lead character: Number One.  This will sound familiar to fans of the original series, whose first pilot, "The Cage," featured the same character. Number One was also the first character Majel Roddenberry played in the franchise.  This was to be Star Trek's first trailblazer, a woman in a command position.  Now there's a second chance to get it right.  Number One's name will be an instrinsic mystery of the first season (you'll recall that Picard usually referred to Riker that way).


  1. Majel Barett put her soul into that "number one" role but it just wasn't to be. The studio wanted to get a reading on a real live audience so in 1966 thats what they did. Jimmy Doohan surmises the viewers reactions best who were mostly women. "Who does that woman think she is?" Majel Roddenberry aka Number One quickly became Nurse Chapel simply by dying her hair blond and it worked!

  2. And when a woman wearing pants was shot down they did a 180 and made all the women wear miniskirts and get felt up by guys and the idea of a woman in command of a starship was laughable to the point that in that one episode a woman body swapped with Kirk so she could command a starship because that was the only way.

    Anyway, they already had Janeway so the glass ceiling has already been shattered.


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