Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Next Generation 7x8 "Attached"

rating: ***

the story: Picard and Crusher become tethered to each other's thoughts.

what it all means: If "Dark Page" initiated the seventh season's efforts to dig deeper into the familiar characters of the series, "Attached" is the episode that finally offered some time to one of the show's longstanding unfulfilled teases: the relationship between Picard and Crusher.

Part of the series backstory is that the good captain and his first medical officer previously served together, and that Crusher's husband died under Picard's command.  This kind of necessarily resulted in a complicated would-be romance that never quite happened (somewhat amusingly spun further in "All Good Things...," the final episode, in which they finally did get married...but then ended up divorced).  They could often be seen hanging out socially together, in their private quarters, but that was about as far as it ever went.  Until "Attached," no episode had really even tried to explore it directly.  ("The Arsenal of Freedom" from the first season also saw they trapped together, but nothing like the events here transpired.)

But once they could literally not get away from each other, it becomes an entirely different matter.  Crusher usually needed a strong tether to break free from her natural inertia as a character (all charm, no wit), and Picard is as good a tether as you can find.  Like the earlier "Liaisons" after someone in the writers room figured out how to make that particular story less disposable, "Attached" is also a version of a story that has reliably provided great material in the franchise ("Shuttlepod One" from Enterprise, for instance), in which two characters are forced to spend time together, and everyone wins because of it.

The episode around this scenario is somewhat generic and underdeveloped, but that can easily be forgiven, considering.

criteria analysis:
  • franchise - Sorry, this is a private viewing party!
  • series - For Next Gen fans, thank you!
  • character - Specifically, Picard/Crusher shippers!
  • essential - I mean, seriously!


  1. My son is starting to express an interest in Star Trek. Where should he start? He's just about to turn 12 and I have no clue about this at all...

    1. My second-cousin has been watching Doctor Who, and she's also 12. Your son would probably be okay watching any of the shows. Depending on his interests, if they're generalized he can try Next Generation or Voyager, or if he wants something more challenging, Deep Space Nine or Enterprise. There's no particular reason to start with the original series, unless he likes old TV shows (like my nephew, also 12).

  2. I recall watching "Attached" with Picard and Beverly in this odd escape situation. Beverly was so nice - too friendly in this episode. Well I think Worf fell asleep on the job to be perfectly honest, so at least Beverly has some excuse for pretending or is it Gates McFadden? Beats me... OK brass tacks... Worf lost the cargo and blew it big style. I mean misplacing the captain??? WHAT???? Who does that??? Worf thats who!!!! I think Beverlys charm highlighted the fact how much a bunch of misfits the Kes and Prytt were with Riker adding the icing on the cake for good measure. Sweet.


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