Monday, September 11, 2017

Voyager 5x14 "Bliss"

rating: **

the story: The ship falls victim to an anomaly that feeds on the crew's fondest desires.

what it's all about: Fun fact!  This episode was written by Bill Prady, who later co-created The Big Bang Theory, a sitcom filled with characters who love stuff like Star Trek (including one episode where a classic Spock action figure allows Leonard Nimoy to make one of the most unique guest appearances ever).

Beyond that, "Bliss" is a lot like the earlier "Persistence of Vision," but even more than that, it almost seems like an ode to the classic original series episodes "The Cage" and "The Doomsday Machine," with perennial guest star W. Morgan Sheppard putting one of his best appearances as the alien who helps the crew understand what's going on as he continues battling the phenomenon himself...and deciding he'd rather continue with the experience than break free like he helps the crew.  More than the main characters, including Seven and Naomi Wildman, who technically are the featured stars of the episode, "Bliss" is in fact best viewed as a Sheppard spotlight.  The man always had one of the most unique voices ever heard in the franchise, but here he seems to have finally found the role that does it justice.

criteria analysis:
  • franchise - "Bliss" is like an ode to "The Doomsday Machine" mixed with "The Cage."
  • series - It also duplicates the earlier "Persistence of Vision."
  • character - You don't really need to care that it stars Seven.
  • essential - Because it's the best franchise appearance of W. Morgan Sheppard.
notable guest-stars:
W. Morgan Sheppard
Scarlett Pomers (Naomi)

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