Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Voyager 6x20 "Good Shepherd"


Janeway started the season at her lowest possible point, alienating herself from both the crew and viewers by going off the deep end and nearly betraying her Starfleet ideals.  No, she was not the first Star Trek captain to go on an obsessive quest against a foe, but she does seem to have come off the worst from her particular experience in it.

Throughout the sixth season, Janeway has the chance to rebuild herself, and perhaps nowhere more clearly than in "Good Shepherd," in which she discovers that there are several members of the crew who've slipped through the cracks and feel just as alienated as she did in "Equinox."

This is also the "Lower Decks" episode of the series (as in the seventh season episode of Next Generation), or Janeway's personal "Learning Curve" (the episode from the first season in which Tuvok seeks to turn around the bad attitudes of a few Maquis crewmen).

If none of those are reasons to watch the episode, then you're not really trying.

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Notable guest-stars:
Zoe McLellan

Memory Alpha summary.

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