Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Enterprise 2x12 "The Catwalk"


This could have been one of the real standouts of the season.  The crew is forced into an isolated area of the ship in order to survive the trip through an ion storm.  Forced into a confined space, they have nothing but themselves to talk about.  I would have been fine with that for an entire episode.  I realize that not everyone has the same taste I do.  "The Catwalk" dutifully inserts some aliens who seek the same shelter, and who turn out to have a great deal more complication beyond that.  To me, that ruins the episode.

Well, it always has in the past.  Perhaps there is some redemption to the story.  There are ripples to the complications these aliens cause.  They have their secrets.  Bad things happen.  What really happened?  If "Catwalk" is redeemed beyond my original estimation, it may lie within the answer to that.  You may find your own evaluation affected by such answers.

Me, I would have been perfectly fine just letting the crew fill out the episode.  That's all I wanted.  When it became clear that "Catwalk" had other things on its mind, my own checked out.  I used to think the episode was a missed opportunity, even one of those missteps fans kept saying the season and series were filled with.

Well, I'll keep the rating simply as a recommendation for series completists.  There could be more here.

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