Sunday, October 21, 2012

Enterprise 2x9 "Singularity"


Episodes in which personality traits become exaggerated are a Star Trek staple, beginning with the classic "Naked Time" in which Sulu famously fences on the bridge.

Still, there's something about "Singularity" that makes it a uniquely Enterprise episode.  Other than how everything spirals out of control, there's worth to long-term viewers to watching Reed refine techniques that would eventually become the Red Alert alarm, Archer working on the preface to a biography of his father, even Trip's tinkering with the captain's chair.

The show often featured smaller moments with developments of this kind, so building an entire episode around them is a welcome change of pace.  Sometimes when an ensemble story becomes an episodic story (as in "The Catwalk"), the results can be jarring.  By the end of "Singularity" each of the characters has reached an appropriate point in the beats that were already developing before they went out of control, bringing it full-circle.  You can watch it either way and derive equal enjoyment.

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