Friday, August 1, 2014

Star Trek 2x24 "The Ultimate Computer"

rating: **
Memory Alpha summary

An episode that bucks the late second season trend, "The Ultimate Computer" ended up creating a franchise legend in Richard Daystrom thanks to the later Daystrom Institute from Next Generation.  It might be argued that the same series benefited more directly from the events of this episode, which explored the upper reaches of artificial intelligence.
via The Viewscreen.  You're... -A legend.  Yes I am.
Although Daystrom fares poorly in the episode (this is basically the worst experience of his life), which is basically how we meet everyone who isn't named James T. Kirk, his reputation and legacy prior to these events serve as an important building block.  He also happens to represent our continuing fears about what advanced technology will do if left unchecked (apocalypse! so sayeth Terminator!  The Matrix!  Johnny Depp!).

This is the guy who dares suggest a computer can do a better job than Kirk.  Clearly not!  But then later we have Data.  Sure, and the Borg.  It just goes to show that even in the future, humans have the same fears.  It's pretty interesting stuff.

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