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Star Trek 3x21 "The Cloud Minders"

rating: *
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"The Cloud Minders" is another of the episodes that saw the series tackle the racial issues of the day, although this time it might also be considered a general social commentary of a stratified culture.  In its study of class inequality, "Minders" might be considered comparable to the later "Dear Doctor" (Enterprise), which generally is a better version of the story.

It deals with terrorism (certainly a considerable portion of the Deep Space Nine legacy), too.  And it has Kirk as well as Spock involved in romances.  It's Spock who bags the major beauty, Kirk who's interested in the one who represents the crux of the problem.  But Spock's wears considerably less.
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Next Generation and of course the series itself dealt with worlds deluded into believing themselves utopias ("The Masterpiece Society," "Plato's Stepchildren").  "Minders" features a cloud city about a decade before The Empire Strikes Back.  Less carbon freezing, about the same amount of torture.

Admirable for what it wants to say, but it's the series kind of spinning its wheels at this point.  Kirk and Spock both taking arrows from Cupid is a little on the nose, clearly pandering to the fans and less the demands of the story.  Spock being fascinated by physical beauty is pretty out of character.  

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