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The Animated Series 1x3 "One of Our Planets is Missing"

rating: **
Memory Alpha summary

"One of Our Planets is Missing" is the kind of episode (think Next Generation's "Galaxy's Child") where the ship comes across a space creature that turns out to be more complicated than the simple menace it at first appears to be (see also: "The Devil in the Dark").

During the course of the crisis, Kirk and Spock are forced to go beyond their typical Animated Series restraints and either insert their own views (Kirk's concerns about doing the right thing) or familiar behavior (Spock mind-melding with something other than a humanoid, such as in the aforementioned "Devil in the Dark" or The Motion Picture and The Voyage Home).
via John Kenneth Muir
It's an example of the series blending the best of its own instincts with what had been done before and what would be more typical of the emerging franchise, and as such is a nice bridge experience for those who don't want to rely on the more famous (justifiably so) "Yesteryear."  Not a major standout by any means, but an episode that doesn't rely on some of the more cartoonish elements that could sometimes dominate this cartoon series.

"...Planets is Missing" also features the speaking debut for series-specific element crewman Arex (voiced by Jimmy Doohan), one of those elements the Animated Series could pull off but would otherwise be difficult even now to feature in an ongoing capacity (although he could probably be an interesting addition to the movies).
via Daily Motion.  Arex on the left, third arm sticking out of his chest.
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notable guest-stars:
James Doohan
Majel Roddenberry

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