Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Voyager 6x4 "Tinker, Tailor, Doctor, Spy"


Far more important than it first seems, the latest spotlight for The Doctor is another turning point that pushes a lead character in the direction that will define him for the rest of the series.

Most of The Doctor's episodes are fairly episodic in nature, seeing him in a moment of crisis that doesn't necessarily impact the next moment of crisis so much as push him further along his development as an individual fighting to understand, explore, and represent his rights to the rest of the crew.

This time, he develops his own ambitions, fantasizing about responsibilities that are far outside his usual sphere, developing the concept of the Emergency Command Hologram that would become a reality in the final season. Watching the episode, you think it's a lark, a one-off bit of nonsense, but unlike other episodes featuring The Doctor, the overall impact is left for the audience to figure out.

Plus the debut of the Potato Heads!

So you can have fun watching this one and also enjoy the fact that there's progress being made!

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Memory Alpha summary.

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