Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Voyager 6x7 "Dragon's Teeth"


This is one of the sixth season episodes that actually provoked a positive reaction from otherwise skeptical-at-best fans, since it's an experience that could have happened on any Star Trek, but the experience seems right for Voyager and seemed to introduce a new threat that might have come back later on for more.

"Dragon's Teeth" does not spawn any return engagements.  It's a standalone episode, to be clear.  The crew stumbles across another species locked in suspended animation, decides to awaken it, and discovers that this was a very bad mistake.  There's even another chance that they can use this experience to get a little closer home, but no dice, once again.  They learn their mistake and narrowly survive and are once again off on their merry way.  In some ways a very typical and therefore potentially forgettable entry, but stands out just enough where you will thank yourself for viewing it.  Not essential, but definitely won't leave you hating the show.

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Notable guest-stars:
Robert Knepper

Memory Alpha summary.

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