Sunday, April 1, 2012

WrestleMania XXVIII


Sheamus def. Daniel Bryan
Short match that actually fit into the momentum of both wrestlers.  Sheamus has been waiting to get back into the main event scene since last fall, and finally recapturing a world championship means he's there.  Bryan's run as champion was improbable from the start, and this is to take nothing from him, but rather acknowledge that he's not what most people think of as WWE world championship material.  Still, they should have a nice feud continuing throughout the spring.

Kane def. Randy Orton
Here's where the unofficial theme of the night really begins, with experience in the company triumphing almost uniformly (except in the divas match, where this sort of thing really doesn't matter).

Big Show def. Cody Rhodes
New Intercontinental champion.  Who didn't see this one coming?  It's still good for Cody's career, just like Daniel Bryan's embarrassing loss.

Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos def. Eve & Beth Phoenix
This one was another no-brainer.

Undertaker def. Triple H
Best match of the night, easily, far better than the match on last year's card, better than the two Shawn Michaels matches, and arguably better than the Michaels-Ric Flair match that unofficially set the whole thing rolling.

Team Johnny def. Team Teddy
Pitch-perfect ending.

CM Punk def. Chris Jericho
This was the match both wrestlers needed to have, and would easily have been the match of the night on any other night.  Punk's best WrestleMania match, and arguably Jericho's (but he's had his share of good ones).  if anyone could make the WWE championship match memorable on a night like this, it was these two, and they didn't disappoint.

The Rock def. John Cena
Surprising result, but the one that needed to happen.  It was clear that The Rock was wrestling Cena's match, and it worked, but no one would have been happy with a Cena victory.  I respect Cena, but this is the necessary result of any match like this for John Cena.  He's the guy people love to see lose the big one.  The Rock used to have a career defined by giving other people the big ones.  But he always deserved better, and that's what he's got now, and there's no reason to change that.

Good, nay great night.  Arguably the best WrestleMania of all time.  It was a crucial evening, and it was a success.

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