Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Voyager 2x13 "Prototype"


The gift of Roxanne Dawson was a tremendous one for Voyager.  She was the series' best actor, and could turn any of her material into gold.  Far too frequently, she had to do just that with episodes that centered on B'Elanna Torres.

This time it was a fairly generic episode in which the crew stumble on an artificial life-form, which B'Elanna must first repair, before learning what a horrible mistake that was, because this robot is the product of a war that wiped out all organic participants long ago, and now this robot can continue that fight.

Anyway, most of the episode is B'Elanna trying to cope with the horrible mistake, because she's taken hostage.  It's not the last time this season something like this happens to her, which is the really perverse part of it.

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Notable guest-stars:
Rick Worthy (voice)

Memory Alpha summary.


  1. B'Elanna Torres is a Klingon with a cranky temper! Remember when she got invited to the Doctors EMH family dinner? The family were just too sugar sweet. Loving wife, adoring daughter and perfect son.

    1. And then she reprogrammed them, and the son suspiciously fell in with a gang of no-good Klingons...


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