Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Voyager 2x4 "Elogium"


Surprisingly, "Amok Time" did not set a franchise precedent for weird biological quirks from heavily featured alien races (there was that one time, in "The Jem-Hadar," that we discovered that the Vorta had these awesome tekekinetic blasts, but they never used those again).  So on the one hand, "Elogium" is kind of part of an aborted tradition.  Or you don't have to think of Vulcans getting all sweaty at all to enjoy Kes getting ready to become pregnant.

The Ocampa seem ready-made for all kinds of biological quirks, almost the sole reason for their existence, and to have Kes as the romantic companion of Talaxian drifter Neelix, and for both of them to be the first passengers Janeway accepts aboard Voyager.  Not surprisingly, most of the time when a Kes episode comes around, these biological quirks are at the center of the resulting story, and Neelix, who's madly in love with her but barely seems to understand any of it, is usually highly concerned about it, and much to his chagrin, so is love-sick Tom Paris.  This was a a recurring theme throughout the three seasons Kes served at the botanical post and nurse for The Doctor (if it'd been McCoy or Phlox, both posts would actually been connected).

Anyway, the long and short of it I've already expressed, so depending on whether you care about this particular moment where Kes was freaking out (despite being a fairly calm individual most of the time, she did a lot of this), you may or may not consider "Elogium" worth watching to see how it illustrates these character traits.

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