Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Star Trek 2x13 "Obsession"

rating: *
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Funny enough, but this is the Kirk version of an episode from earlier in the season, "The Doomsday Device."  It's not a particularly famous one, perhaps for that very reason, but it's character-centric rather than character-featured, which is what most of the series was like.

The franchise revisits such a concept later, a member of the crew encountering again something that went wrong earlier in their career ("Clues" from Next Generation).  It's always fun to check in with aspects of a character's life that occurred before the series in which they're featured (arguably Sisko and Kira from Deep Space Nine and Tom Paris from Voyager are completely defined by this idea).  "Obsession" deals with the matter in the same basic manner of any other episode from the series.  It just happens to have a different layer than usual.  Happened before, to other characters (Chapel, McCoy), would happen again.
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Nicely, the character who would normally have been villainous turns out to be someone Kirk gets to bond with, the son of the guy who experienced the original event with our captain.  So that's refreshing.  

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