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Star Trek 2x22 "By Any Other Name"

rating: *
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Somewhat suspiciously, the way this episode ends is very similar to "Return to Tomorrow" as a whole just a few episodes earlier.  Creatively, the season ended much more weakly than it'd begun.  That's okay.  Fans still argue that it's the best season in franchise history.

Speaking of the franchise as a whole, that's really the only thing worth talking about "By Any Other Name."  Sometimes a setup is better than the seemingly contractual additional conflict that is tacked on to complicate it.  This happens.  It spoiled Enterprise's "The Catwalk," too.  The setup is actually a kind of prototype for Voyager.  And that's pretty interesting.

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At its heart, "Other Name" is about an alien ship just trying to get home.  Granted, a new home.  (So, like the Sphere Builders from Enterprise.)  But home all the same.  Imagine if Janeway had gone about demanding whoever she came across give their home to her.  Colonization by way of conquest.  (Hey, North America knows a thing or two about that.  Come to think of it, it's a little surprising that this episode didn't think of that.)

But you can probably skip it.  I was going to give the episode no stars at all, but decided there were a few useful associations to be found.  Aside from those, though, not much worth watching here.

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Majel Roddenberry

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