Thursday, July 3, 2014

Star Trek 2x14 "Wolf in the Fold"

rating: *
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"Wolf in the Fold" is perhaps the only Scotty episode of the whole series.  Of course, it's probably better understood to be a Jack the Ripper episode.

Until I think Patricia Cornwell's book Portrait of a Killer, Jack the Ripper endured as an endless subject of intrigue for a serial killer who thrived in late 19th century London, never to be identified.  His legacy has no doubt informed our continuing interest in serial killer, but he's finally faded, at least a little, from the popular imagination.

Back in the '60s, not so much.  In Star Trek's relentless march at covering every popular story type of that type, of course he popped up.  It's a shame that Scotty's only spotlight had to be this, because there's really nothing much intrinsic to Scotty himself about the episode.  In the end, there are a long string of episodes about main characters throughout the franchise wrongfully accused of murder.  This is not such a memorable start to that string.

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The images Google suggested more heavily involved women with far less clothing on them.  You will have to settle for this one.  It happens to feature Scotty, too.

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